About us

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WMT Baltic company is a developer and manufacturer of polymer and self-adhesive materials as well as one of the largest suppliers of materials for advertising industry, design, interior, clothing designers and others. A separate special area of our activities belongs to offering and handling polymeric plastic sheets. Having already well-developed company more than 20 years, wmt baltic is always in search of new technological solutions and offers wide variety of modern materials.


It is important to know that:

Offices: we have our offices in Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Kiev (Ukraine);

Communication: we communicate with our clients in Latvian, Russian, English, Lithuanian and Ukrainian languages;

We produceSelf-adhesive materials (for large format printing, color films and films for glass decoration), polyurethane resins (as well as equipment for them), polyurethane films for protecting the surface (car industry), double-sided adhesive roll materials, thermal-transfer materials for textiles, based on microfiber self-adhesive materials;

Learning center: our team develops new technologies for application of polymeric and self-adhesive materials as well as methodology of offering them to different markets. We have our personal learning center for teaching our clients and colleagues;

Technical center: we successfully offer technical solutions of using printing equipment, thermal-transfer and milling equipment which is used in graphics industry (Roland, Epson). We also provide service support for equipment operation;

Logistics: our personal warehouse complex (more than 2000 m2) provides excellent deliveries to our clients to more than 15 countries of 3 continents (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Georgia and others).